It’s Been Too Long

Wow. I looked at the site and it’s been a year since I posted. Sorry about that.

To be honest I went there to post something other than an update, but I will hold that thought for a bit . . .

Here’s where I am . . . still in remission!

When I got the results my ninth bone marrow biopsy in June 2018, taken on my second ReBirthday, Dr. Solomon told me I was still doing great, and in remission! So I am biopsy free until June 2019. And then, if I’m cancer free then, he will turn me loose – no more visits to Northside, unless I need to.

I relayed this wonderful news to my personal physician, and he is already doing research on what we need to do. Coming up in March I will do my annual physical, and we will do a run on what they will check for the rest of my life. Neat to think about.

Of course, I cannot thank God enough for the blessing of being cancer free. He continues to bless me every day.

Thank you all for your support, too!


Author: Tom Lindsay

Just a regular guy who likes to shoot and cook barbecue. Leukemia survivor. Bourbon drinker. Chemical Engineer.

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