Day 99

 I’m posting today since tomorrow I’ll have my sixth bone marrow biopsy, and I can’t guarantee I’ll feel like it then . . .

I am so thankful for where God had led me. My blood numbers are all where the doctors expect, and my chimerism results look great – myeloid is 100% and lymphoid is 86%. Very little GVHD so far, likely because my donor is my baby brother. I’m weaning off the Prograf, so I know that can change, but that also means – surprise! – my hair is growing back. Apart from that, it’s mostly fatigue and queasiness, nothing I can’t handle, especially compared to full blown AML!

I’m also thankful for everyone who reads these pages, for the encouragement and strength you’ve shared, and how you’ve shown me that I’m not alone in this.

But I know it’s still one day at a time, so on we go. After the biopsy tomorrow, I’m scheduled to meet with the doctor and the team on the 19th, to assess where I am, and the next steps.

Then . . . we shall see. 

On to the biopsy tomorrow!

Author: Tom Lindsay

Just a regular guy who likes to shoot and cook barbecue. Leukemia survivor. Bourbon drinker. Chemical Engineer.

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