I’m Not the Only One

One nice thing about my recovery is that it’s now getting to the point where I can start doing some of those things I used to enjoy, before The Late Unpleasantness all began.

Last Saturday I got to go to the annual convention for an organization I’ve belonged to for a number of years. To be honest, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to attend, and miss it for the first time in four years. But, I was able to attend, and I enjoyed it immensely, as much for the joy of just getting out, as much as anything.

So in between the conference presentations, I spent the time catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones. I have to admit, I don’t think some recognized me at first, given that I have no hair, and I’ve lost more than 25 pounds. But eventually they knew who I was, and we checked in. Now, some know my story, but most didn’t, and I decided to tell them only if they asked.

But the most amazing moment came almost at the end of the night, during the awards dinner. As it turns out, a friend of mine, Jeff, who has stayed in touch since my diagnosis, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, almost out of the blue. We shared our experiences during the day, as he prepares for surgery to remove the cancer.

Jeff does a lot for our organization, and during the awards dinner, he was given an award recognizing his work. In his acceptance speech, he mentioned his cancer and his upcoming surgery. Then, without mentioning me by name, he told of how my experience with leukemia had been an inspiration to him, and how he was able to trust God to heal him, too.

For this, I truly thank God. Looking at it, I suppose that’s why I write this blog – to help other people see that God loves us and that His strength can sustain us.

In that vein, I would ask that you, my Reader, would remember Jeff and his family in your prayers.

Author: Tom Lindsay

Just a regular guy who likes to shoot and cook barbecue. Leukemia survivor. Bourbon drinker. Chemical Engineer.

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