Milestone Number 1 – Day +30

Today is Day +30 from my bone marrow transplant, and I feel great!

For one thing, I managed to get through the neutropenic phase – when my immune system was essentially gone – without developing any infections or fever. I stayed out of the hospital, and my doctor tell me that puts me in an elite group. He told me maybe 2 percent of his patients pull it off. Well, I’m proud to be in that group.

I’ve also managed to avoid a lot of the side effects so far. No nausea, no vomiting, no bleeding. So far the only thing I got were some mouth sores (gone now), and a skin rash on my right leg only (likely from low platelet level, and gone now).

I also have a nasty, acid taste in my mouth, which makes eating some things, pretty disgusting. And, my right leg swells up from the knee down, more in the evening.

Those last 2 make the doctors scratch their heads. They tell me they are likely to go away fairly soon, so I’m not worried.

Of course, I have yet to get into the GVHD realm, but I am confident we will deal with that when it comes. For now, I am trusting God and His wonderful blessings!


Author: Tom Lindsay

Just a regular guy who likes to shoot and cook barbecue. Leukemia survivor. Bourbon drinker. Chemical Engineer.

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