Transplant Day +11

I have now reached Day 11 post transplant, and things seem to be progressing as expected. How do I know? Every day, at my clinic visit, the nurse asks me a series of questions about how I’m doing. Mouth sores? Fatigue? Skin rashes? Any nausea or vomiting? Headache? Bleeding? How’s your appetite?

And now I’m getting sores on the sides of my mouth and in the internal jaw portion, that makes it impossible to open my mouth more than a couple of inches. I also am getting a red rash on my right leg, thanks to low platelet count. Fortunately it doesn’t itch or hurt. And I also get tired a lot.

So I guess headaches and bleeding and no appetite are next. Oh, well, I can live with it, since God is making sure I live with it.

I bottomed out on all my blood numbers two days ago, and I’ve had to have blood transfusions and platelets. The good news is that they all seem to be heading back up; my ANC count (the measure of my immune system, basically) went from zero to 0.04 to 0.12. Progress.

What this means is my old marrow is dead and the new marrow is taking over. And that has its own interesting effects and side effects. I can hardly wait.

So my days are spent at the clinic getting rested and having IV fluids and drugs. I’m also on a 24 hour IV of anti GVHD drugs, and carrying that pump around took some getting used to. But I get to see my doctor each day, and we talk about what’s next. It will be this way through Day 28 so I just go every day and do what they tell me.

So where do I stand? Well, I haven’t had to be hospitalized, which is apparently rather rare, according to my doctor. Most patients either get sick from the lack of immune system, or their side effects get so bad they can’t function. One fellow patient couldn’t keep any food or medicine down, and had to be taken over yesterday. So I thank God for my great doctors and staff, and I keep doing what they tell me.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support!

Author: Tom Lindsay

Just a regular guy who likes to shoot and cook barbecue. Leukemia survivor. Bourbon drinker. Chemical Engineer.

One thought on “Transplant Day +11”

  1. I just continue to pray for you and for my sweet Vicki. I now for sure if you pray and truly believe God will help you he will answer your prayer. He has helpd me through many things and his way is always been te best for me. Hang in there. Love ya both.


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